Can your business afford a contractual or legal dispute?

Commercial Legal Expenses

With businesses facing ever increasing uncertainties, you never know how or when a dispute may arise. You may believe you have a water tight contract, but there could be terms in your contract that render it unfair, particularly under the Consumer Rights Act. The costs in defending these disputes or seeking Solicitors advice is expensive, and in today’s economic climate could create unbudgeted costs that your company can ill afford.

In the year 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 a total of 103,984 employment tribunal applications were made and 121,075 the previous year.

Our insurer has successfully helped to defend these types of claims as illustrated in the example below:

During recession our client, a small business owner, made two employees redundant. He made his selection based on the workers attendance and disciplinary record. One of the former employees raised a claim against him for unfair selection for redundancy. Our client contacted us to seek legal advice and defence.We successfully defended the claim of unfair selection for redundancy, resulting in the case being ruled in favour of our client at tribunal.”

Solicitors consultation fees start from £100 per hour, but for less than £90*, we can offer affordable Commercial Legal Expenses, that can provide cover for the defence & legal costs you may incur due to a legal dispute that may arise either from any contractual disputes your clients or employees may have with you. The policy can also provide cover for but not limited to; legal helpline, legal defence, contract disputes, employment disputes, property protection, personal injury, compensation awards, debt recovery, TAX, VAT, PAYE & NIC Investigations and Motor uninsured loss recovery.

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*Terms and conditions apply

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