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Environmental Liability Insurance is a line of cover designed to protect organisations against accidental pollution or contamination of the environment including air, water, land and biodiversity. If you are a business that works with hazardous substances or waste Environmental Liability Insurance should be considered an essential line of cover as environmental losses can severely disrupt a business and hugely affect its reputation.

There are several scenarios that pose a potential risk to a business; from having an oil tank on your premises that leaks oil into a local waterway to hiring out a mobile toilet for a wedding and the sewage leaks into the land. Both these scenarios have the potential to cause awful environmental damages which could incur enormous clean-up costs, legal fees and in some cases, environmental penalties and fines.

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Doesn't my Public Liability Insurance cover environmental damage and pollution?

Not entirely, there is an element of environmental and pollution cover within Public Liability but only if the cause of the pollution is unexpected, unintended and identifiable as a single event. Gradual causes such as leaks would not be covered under public liability. For example, if you are transporting your mobile toilet to a wedding and a car drives into your trailer causing the sewage tank to spill all over the road and into a local waterway. This is a sudden unexpected cause which would fall under public liability cover.


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