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Often included in commercial combined policies, money cover is important for any business handling it! Whether that’s in cheque’s, cash, credit card receipts or petty cash, if it were to get stolen or lost while in transit or at the premises this could hugely affect your business.

An example is an employee is selling tickets for an event your business has hosted and is taking cash. If the employee were to be assaulted and the money stolen, not only can money cover protect the business against the lost cash in ticket sales but also there is an element of personal assault cover for any injury sustained.

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Features Available

  • Money In Transit

  • Personal Assault

  • Theft from Premises or a locked safe


What is a Commercial Combined Insurance Policy?

Commercial Combined Insurance is a single policy specifically designed to protect your business against the risks associated with the day to day running of it.

At CoverMarque we focus heavily on our service ensuring we understand exactly what your business does and that you understand exactly what you are covered for.

We will work closely with you to create you a tailored policy with one of our A+ Rated Insurers that combines a range of essential covers into one policy with one renewal date.

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