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Bloodstock Insurance is generally taken out by owners and breeders of high value horses. Typically, these are racehorses and competition horses (dressage, show jumping and eventing).

A Bloodstock mortality policy covers the value of the horse(s) if it dies of natural causes or has to be euthanised on humane grounds (subject to the terms of the policy). In generally does not cover every day vet bills as a Pet policy would.

A bit like a motor “fleet” policy, a bloodstock mortality policy often covers multiple horses, and horses can be added to or removed from the policy as required.

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Available Cover

  • Mortality

    The policy can be extended to include theft. Cover is normally based on a "Fair Market Value" but on higher values an "Agreed Value" basis may be available. Other common extensions include Wobblers; a 12-month extension clause; and automatic additions from the fall of the auction hammer.

  • Prospective Foal

    Insurance against the miscarriage of foals in utero, or the mortality of a pregnant mare.

  • Stallion Infertitlty or Mare Barrenness.

    This can also include stallion sub fertility.


Is my racehorse covered to race in France?

This is dependent on the Insurer, but most policies automatically cover Europe.

Is there a difference in premium depending on use?

Yes, the Insurer will need to know what the horse will be doing, e.g. breeding, flat racing, jumps racing, dressage, show jumping, eventing or perhaps retired. They will calculate the policy accordingly.


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