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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance covers claims made personally against the directors and officers for actual or alleged wrongful acts that they have made whilst managing the business.

With responsibility, comes exposure to risk.

Directors and Officers could be held personally liable for decisions, actions or omissions they have made. This means if a claim comes against them, they would be held personally responsible for the payment of compensation and legal fees.

Claims can arise at anytime and can be anything from wrongful trading, a breach of duty, defamation to wrongful dismissal of an employee. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance covers the costs of defending these types of claims in turn, protecting your Directors and Officers and their personal assets.

Renewal Date

Features Available

  • Legal fees

  • defence and settlement costs

  • Compensation Costs


What is a Director and Officer?

A director or officer is classed as any individual within the business that make decisions that could directly affect the business. An officer can be any individual and is defined by what he does, not what his title is.


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