Adjusting your insurance as restrictions end

Adjusting your insurance as restrictions end

If you would like to make any adjustments to your insurance policy over the next few weeks, then please give us as much notice as you can.

Where possible please email us at with your request, exact details and the date you are requesting the changes to be made from.

As more events start happening we are anticipating an exceptionally high volume of requests from our clients to make policy adjustments. For example:

  • Reinstating stock cover on contract sites
  • Increasing estimates of turnover and wage roll
  • Reinstating lapsed policies or lapsed sections of cover e.g. Business Interruption or Environmental Liability
  • Reinstating SORN vehicles back to comprehensive cover

We will endeavour to action any requests as quickly as possible, but please do not assume changes have been made until you receive our confirmation.

As always, assuring you of our very best intentions.

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