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All of us here at CoverMarque are delighted to finally announce the launch of our brand new website!

Our aim for our new website is to reflect who CoverMarque are, what we stand for and the service we strive on delivering. We want to provide information that is both useful and interesting to our clients and visitors while also providing an easier way to find out more about different insurance lines.

We have introduced a range of new content including specialisms page, which are industry specific pages that provide information and enable visitors to complete quotation forms online.

We have also introduced a page called Renewal Dates. This enables our visitors to complete a short form and provide us with their renewal date if it isn’t within the near future and they do not need the quotation just yet. We then get in touch up to 5 weeks in advance to start talking through insurance requirements and in turn finding a policy prior to that date.



Wind Gust Checker

ERECTING A MARQUEE? Use our handy tool to check the wind gust in your area.

Max wind gust results for the next 15 days in