TentPlanner – Making it easier for your customers to design their dream event layout

A new and improved Tentplanner Tool

We are delighted to confirm that there is a new and improved version of our TentPlanner tool. 

TentPlanner is a marketing tool we have developed for use by our Temporary Structure Hire clients.  You can put the tool on your website to allow visitors to design their event using your bespoke equipment offering. 

Please watch this short introduction video on how to use the tool and find out how it can benefit your company. 

What are the benefits of becoming a TentPlanner partner?: 

  • TentPlanner provides you with a visual design of what your customers desire using only your equipment, limiting the back-and-forth process of what your customers require and what you can provide.
  • You will have your own portal where the tool will be bespoke to you. Here you can edit and amend the portal to only contain the equipment you can provide. 
  • The tool can be used as an indicative site plan, as Google Maps background provides a bird’s eye view of your tent at the location.
  • You can create and add your own pre-configured layout, making it easier for a customer to choose a specific tent that you stock and the furniture inside.
  • Once a design is submitted from your website you will have access to edit and amend, suggesting your ideas to the client. 

Free for the first year

There are no set up costs for CoverMarque clients and you can use the tool FREE of charge for the first year. Thereafter, if you would like to continue, we ask for a small annual contribution of £250+ VAT to cover our ongoing admin costs as long as we continue to arrange your insurance. If you are not a CoverMarque client, please email us at info@tentplanner.co.uk for more information. 

For more information click the link below, visit us at www.tentplanner.co.uk, call us on 01962 77 44 21 or email info@tentplanner.co.uk

Wind Gust Checker

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