Red Diesel Ban April 2022 – What does this mean for Temporary Structure Hirers?

The rules for red diesel are changing!

From April 2022 the UK government will be limiting the type of uses that red diesel can be used for and this can effect your business. You will no longer be able to use red diesel to fuel generators for your events. Why? This is to help meet their climate change and air quality targets. 

How can this effect your business?  Your cost price for fuel could go up as white diesel carries more tax, which may lead you to reviewing your current charges or alternatively,  switching to a renewable fuel source which could save in costs.  

An environmentally-friendly alternative is Fossil free HVO ((hydro-treated vegetable oil): 

OEM approved this bio-degradable fuel burns more cleanly, it’s made up of 100% renewable raw materials and is a low carbon drop-in diesel replacement product.

Adjusting your insurance as restrictions end

Who is still eligible to use red diesel going forward?

  • Vehicles and machinery used in agriculture, horticulture, fish farming and forestry. Including vehicles used for snow clearance, gritting roads, cutting verges and hedges.
  • Rail, including passenger, freight and maintenance.
  • Powering non-commercial heating and electricity premises, for example homes, places of worship, hospitals, community sports clubs.

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