Fiona Bardwell

From the start, working with Covermarque has been like a whole new ball-game of professionalism combined with personal service. It has felt like we’re dealing with people who know what we do, knows we haven’t got time for all that “salesy” nonsense – and knows what our business needs are. They did their homework to the point they even knew what we call our Tents (yup – we name our Marquees) – and all in very quick time (really fast!). They’ve provided common sense information, useful tools and whilst being completely “on it” have felt laid back and approachable in the way they’ve done it all. For us this is the perfect result in what we’d be looking for in any business we use and work with – but it’s very rare! Don’t change a thing – you’re brilliant already! I’m gutted we didn’t find you a year ago – you absolutely get what you pay for but when it’s something this important – worth EVERY penny!

Wind Gust Checker

ERECTING A MARQUEE? Use our handy tool to check the wind gust in your area.

Max wind gust results for the next 15 days in