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We have our bespoke scheme designed to provide Liability and Stock Cover for Inflatables and Other Play Equipment Hirers offering cover that is comprehensive without a long list of restrictions. We cover a range of equipment such as Bouncy Castles, Inflatable Slides, Sumo Suits, Gladiator / Pole Jousts, Bouncy Boxing, Assault Courses, Bungee Runs and also larger pieces of equipment including Rodeo Bulls and Hot Tubs.

With the Inflatables and Leisure Industry forever changing we are also able to accommodate any new industry Inflatables and Equipment.

Public Liability Insurance for bouncy castles and other inflatables is currently not a legal requirement however, it should be considered essential to protect your business and your clients safety.

If your activities extend to include event management and organisation we can include liabilities arising from this as well. We can even offer cover for your clients to cover your property whilst it is in their custody and control – this is by separate single event insurance.

Please call us on 01962 774421 if you wish to discuss your insurance or equipment. Alternatively if your renewal date isn't within 60 days, please complete our form Renewal Date by clicking the button below and we will get in touch with you closer to the time to put together a quotation.

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Available Cover

  • Public Liability

    This protects you against your liability in respect of damage to other peoples' property or injury to other people.

  • Employers Liability

    This section protects you against your liability to your employees. (Including volunteers)

  • Material Damage / Stock Cover

    This protects your stock, inflatables and other associated equipment while in storage and whilst on hire.

  • Business Interruption

    This protects you against financial loss following an interruption to the business as a result of an insured loss or damage to your property.


Is Public Liability a Legal Requirement?

Although not normally a legal requirement, Public Liability should be considered essential. Public Liability provides indemnity in respect of the legal liability for damage or injury caused to third parties or their property by the Insured.

If you have clients who are large companies or Local Authorities, they will normally insist on you having a Public Liability Limit of at least £5m indemnity limit, as a prerequisite to tender. Temporary increases in the limit can be arranged.

Do I need Employers Liability Insurance?

Employers have a legal obligation to carry Employers Liability Insurance which indemnifies the employer in respect of injury to its employees for which it is legally responsible. It is generally accepted by members of the Association of British Insurers that the minimum indemnity limit should be £10m. An employee is deemed to be any individual who undertakes any work for the insured whether paid or not.

There is a common misconception that Employers Liability is not required in regards to self employed staff. For Marquee Companies this is rarely the case as such staff are normally working under the direction of the Employer, and are not Bona Fide Subcontractors.  A Bona Fide Subcontractor carries their own insurance and provides their own method, tools and materials.

The legal penalties of failing to effect adequate Employers Liability insurance are severe, but perhaps even more significant are the implications of the potential cost of a successful claim against an uninsured company. In an increasingly litigious society, personal injury claims are becoming frequent and of greater magnitude.

What is PIPA?

PIPA is an inspection scheme set up by the inflatable play industry to ensure that children’s inflatable play equipment conforms to recognised standards.

It is coordinated by The Performance Textiles Association (MUTA), the UK’s only Trade Association dedicated to marquees, tents and structures, whose members include manufacturers and operators of inflatable play equipment. The scheme is supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) who were consulted at every stage of its development.

Can Nerf Guns be covered?

Yes they can be, however a Participant to Participant Exclusion may be applied.


What is Business Interruption Cover?

Following a loss of equipment or premises, a business may not be able to trade as normal until a replacement has been made. This can have a huge impact on inflatables hirers especially if the loss is right before the busiest time of the year!

The production lead time of suppliers can be lengthy, causing a major disruption. Business Interruption insurance enables a company to claim for resultant loss of ‘Gross Profit’ or ‘revenue’ relating to contracts which it cannot complete. The insurer can often minimise the claim by enabling the insured to complete contracts by funding the temporary hire or replacement equipment, i.e. the increased cost of working. This is also beneficial to the inflatable company as their clients will not be let down, enabling future repeat business and recommendations.

What is the Business Interruption Indemnity period and how do I know what Indemnity Period I need?


The Indemnity period under the policy should be the period during which the business is affected by the property damage loss and that period can only be decided by the business itself as circumstances will vary from business to business. For example, you should consider how long it will take to get your business back to its position prior to the damage taking into account factors such as time to find alternative premises or rebuilding, lead times to replace stock and even keeping your valuable employees and customers. For example, a shop has a fire and is unable to trade. If it takes 24 months to rebuild that shop and they are unable to trade in that period, 12 months indemnity would not be enough. Indemnity periods can start at 12 months and can go up to 24, 36 and even 48 months. Many people choose 12 months but if your property is large, or listed, extensive damage can easily take over a year to repair, leaving much of your interruption period uninsured.


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