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Underground Services - don't get shocked.

Whether you are hiring a marquee for your event or you are the marquee company erecting it, how do you know that the ground you are staking is underground service free? 

Not only is it costly to damage a water main, gas or an electrical cable, it is seriously dangerous. 

As standard when you are hiring a marquee or hiring out a marquee, there will be a Terms and Conditions associated with the hire. Also as standard within those conditions will be a clause making it the responsibility of the hirer to notify the marquee company of the location of underground services and the hirer accepts responsibility for damage to such services during the period of hire. Regardless of contractually responsibility for any damage, the consequences of hitting an electrical cable with a metal stake can be far more severe. Therefore, it is imperative that you check prior to marquee erection the location and here are some options available for both event organisers and marquee hire companies on how;

Hire a local mapping company to carry out a utility service map of the location of hire in order for you to provide to the marquee hire company or ask your local council if they have one already but ensure it is up to date. 

If you are a marquee hire company – investing in a CAT scanner for contracts can give both peach of mind for you and your clients that there is nothing but soil where you are staking! We work closely with C.Scope Ltd that offer a range of scanners dependent on your area and contracts. For more information please see their website here. 

Get in touch with your local providers for your utilities and request a map of your area. Dependent on your area this could include water mains, the electricity network, gas lines, telecommunications and drainage. 

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