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Hot Tub Hiring has become a popular choice of business venture with increasing demands for hot tubs from the events industry and parties.

Whether your business is hiring out hot tubs to corporate events, private parties or even used for birthing pools, we will find you and insurance policy that covers exactly what you are doing, your tubs and associated stock including liabilities during installation and even on hire.

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Available Cover


    This section protects you against your liability in respect of damage to other peoples' property or injury to other people.


    This section protects you against your liability to your employees. (Including volunteers)

  • Material Damage / Stock Cover

    This protects your tubs and associated equipment whilst either on hire or in storage.


Do I need Public Liability Insurance for hiring out Hot Tubs?

Although not normally a legal requirement, Public Liability should be considered essential. Public Liability provides indemnity in respect of the legal liability for damage or injury caused to third parties or their property by the Insured.

Consider for example you are installing a hot tub and you accidentally knock over a garden ornament or that your hot tub isn’t set up properly and deflates with people in it causing an injury. Public Liability would protect your business against both of these scenarios if you are proven negligent for the damage or injury.

Do I need Employers Liability Insurance?

Employers have a legal obligation to carry Employers Liability Insurance which indemnifies the employer in respect of injury to its employees for which it is legally responsible. It is generally accepted by members of the Association of British Insurers that the minimum indemnity limit should be £10m. An employee is deemed to be any individual who undertakes any work for the insured whether paid or not.

There is a common misconception that Employers Liability is not required in regards to self employed staff. For Marquee Companies this is rarely the case as such staff are normally working under the direction of the Employer, and are not Bona Fide Subcontractors.  A Bona Fide Subcontractor carries their own insurance and provides their own method, tools and materials.

The legal penalties of failing to effect adequate Employers Liability insurance are severe, but perhaps even more significant are the implications of the potential cost of a successful claim against an uninsured company. In an increasingly litigious society, personal injury claims are becoming frequent and of greater magnitude.

What are the risks associated with Hot Tub Hire ?

Some of the main risks include are drowning, electric shocks, people under the influence of alcohol or drugs, medical issues with overheating or cold, slips on wet surfaces and issues with chemicals.



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